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In an innovative move, Hawaiian Airlines has teamed up with Dallas-based bottled cocktail startup On The Rocks to offer a line of tropical cocktails available in-flight.

Though born and raised in Texas, On The Rocks co-founders Patrick Halbert and Andrew Gill have strong ties to Hawaii and it's culture. It was one of the company's first endeavors to bottle the fruit-driven cocktails for which Hawaii is known.

Overcoming the challenge of creating recipes that mirror the state and it's culture was no easy task. That is where On The Rocks co-founder and bartender extraordinaire Rocco Milano comes in.

OTR: Glass Shelf
OTR: Glass Shelf
OTR: Glass Shelf

"I tried to create cocktails that have the 'spirit of aloha', that were friendly and approachable and interesting -- all of those elements that you find in the people of Hawaii. It was challenging, and frankly a lot of fun," said Milano about his creative process.

Hawaiian Airlines now brings that spirit of aloha to their customers before they even touch down, by serving three unique and delightful drinks from On The Rocks: the Mai Tai, the Lychee Vodka Martini, and the Li Hing Gimlet.

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