Talking with OTR Mixologist Rocco Milano


Talking with Rocco Milano

Launched in the spring of 2016, On The Rocks Premium Cocktails is a company that has created something truly unique. Co-founder and chief mixologist Rocco Milano has endeavored to capture the essence of the cocktail bar experience and bottle it.

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“My focus was to create bar-quality cocktails that had balance and subtlety of character – making cocktails that have layers of complexity, rather than being overly sweet, boozy, or otherwise,”

- Rocco Milano,
Chief Mixologist

He took a unique approach when creating the On The Rocks recipes by coming from a culinary perspective, “rather than from a team of people in lab coats. The goal was to take the experience that you would get from a cocktail bar and distill it into a bottle.”

In sourcing his ingredients Milano uses quality spirits meticulously selected from all over the world. Much in the same way that a bartender would pick a specific style of base spirit for each drink from their back bar, Milano has chosen spirits with the perfect character for each of On The Rocks Premium Cocktails' offerings.

Milano's exacting process shines through on cocktails like the Mai Tai. "There's an old tiki adage that goes 'what one rum can't do three rums can.' I took it a step further and added a fourth".

For the Bourbon Old Fashioned, Milano kept things classic, "We use a high-rye bourbon, and add just a touch of orange, cherry, and cane sugar".

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"With the Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita, I wanted to do something that would echo that great culinary tradition of combining the sweet with the spicy". Milano went so far as to source a natural jalapeno extract for the Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita, which leaves each bottle at the exact Scoville rating desired, something which would be impossible for a cocktail bartender muddling fresh peppers.

Even the ABV of each drink indicates the thoughtful touch of a seasoned bartender. Milano leaves each bottle at a slightly higher alcohol content than the standard cocktail you might receive at a bar. This allows one to pour the drinks over ice, thus diluting and chilling the cocktail the same way a bartender would by shaking or stirring.

The attention to detail shines through the entire line of On The Rocks Premium Cocktails. Each offering a complete experience, as though the craft cocktail bar has been captured in a bottle.

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