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  • What’s in the bottle?

o OTR Cocktails are spirit-based beverages crafted by a mixologist. Our award winning cocktails include The Old Fashioned, The Cosmopolitan, The Aviation, The Margarita, The Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita, and The Mai Tai, in addition to limited releases of seasonal flavors.

o Our bar-strength cocktails always only use natural premium flavors.

  • What is the perfect serve for a cocktail?

o Simply open and pour over ice! Our cocktails are naturally shelf stable and do not need to be chilled for storage before or after opening, but should always be consumed within a year of purchasing.

o If you want to get really technical (we always do)…since OTR Cocktails factors in for dilution, it is not beneficial to chill the bottles before enjoying. In fact, if it slows the dilution process, then it could be argued it has a negative effect on flavor balance!

o Garnish is a great addition to any cocktail, but not necessary as the drinks themselves have the elements of recommended garnish already in them. A garnish will always help elevate a cocktail, so depending on your preference, it is a great addition when it can be added, but not needed.

o For some ideas around garnishing and serving, please visit

  • What is the expiration date on the bottle?

o OTR Cocktails are considered shelf stable due to high ABV and low pH. We do use real fruit and vegetable juices for flavor and coloring, which can lead to natural color fade over time and the low pH and high ABV can lead to flavor fade over time, so it is best to consume within one year for optimal flavor profile. Within one year of purchasing, there should be no notable change in taste.

  • What are the ingredients?

o Our cocktails are crafted with natural flavors and colors.

o None of our cocktails contain common allergens such as almond, peanut, or passion fruit. For information about specific ingredients or allergens, please submit a form here

  • Are the cocktails gluten free?

o Our six classic cocktails do not contain any gluten containing material or allergens, although they are produced in a facility that is not gluten free. The ABV of each cocktail is listed below:
    OTR Old Fashioned, 35% abv
    OTR Cosmopolitan, 20% abv
    OTR Margarita, 20% abv
    OTR Mai Tai, 20% abv
    OTR Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita, 20% abv
    OTR Aviation, 20% abv

o OTR does not advise legal age adults whether to drink or not to drink; this is a decision you may want to discuss with your physician if you have any questions. Your physician may be able to provide personalized advice about this issue based on the information provided above.

  • I have an idea for a cocktail!

o We’d love to hear it! Send us your suggestions by filling out this form https://www.ontherockscocktails.com/contact-us

  • Are you Kosher certified?

o While our cocktails are not yet Kosher certified, please know that this is a priority for us.We hope to be serving you soon!

  • Where can I find OTR near me?

o We thought you’d never ask! To find your favorite flavors near you, enter your location here

  • I’d like to partner with OTR.

o Well, we’d like to chat! For all media and influencer inquires, please contact us here

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